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"Party time!" Jack exclaimed bouncing a bit as he did so in his own excitement. He’d been waiting for a while to have some fun, and he knew…or at least hoped the red-head would share his excitement.


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"There is a dragon outside this door and if we go out, it will eat us." Jack blurted out completely serious, actually looking nervously at the door. Dragons and fire weren’t something he was too fond of.

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Jack Frost + Being adorable a puppy


i’ve had a crush on jack frost ever since rise of the guardians was first released and i thought it would go away or lessen. but no. nearly two years. it’s still there. i’m still attracted to a bunch of lines. fine lines

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Jack chuckled at that. “I’m sure the queen of Arendelle has many admirers” he teased. “Lines and lines of them. All you have to do is ask them, and I’m sure they’d agree” he said.

"I have a strong feeling I wouldn’t like it too much. Not that it would be terrible" he said thinking on how he’d dressed in formal clothing before. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with it. Sometimes, they really did look nice But he hated standing out so much and being made feel as though he was separate from everyone.

"Many admirers? No, I think you might be overestimating my charm. I’m not smooth talking and all over the place like you. Locked up in a tower, queen of isolation and snow. I’m hardly the most appealing lady to admire."  Elsa responded easily, shaking her head and flushing faintly at the idea. 

"You shouldn’t knock it till you try it. I could even make you a delightful suit of ice with a billowing cloak that any King would be envious of. Even if you don’t like regular clothes, there’s nothing quite like the design of ice, right?" 

"If you don’t talk to people you’ll never know what they think of you" he answered just as easily. "Though there opinions don’t really matter all that much, soooo, who cares?’ he shrugged. "Point is, you may have more admirers than you know. It sounds like you were a great queen. Just different."

Jack chuckled at that. “You may have caught my attention there. I’ve never worn clothes made of ice before. They might actually be comfortable enough for me to wear, though probably still too flashy”

shardsofelsa whispered -- His yell disturbed her. She'd been reading herself, tucked quietly into the corner when it had pierced through the air. Elsa's own power burst from her fingertips at the shock, freezing the pages over as she threw the tome, running to her friend's side as fast as she could manage. Tentatively she touched his face, heart racing. "Jack!?" She pleaded, attempting to wake him with a gentle shake. "Jack, please wake up!" It must have been a night terror, but she could do little while he slept. 




Jack simply hated this, the feeling of helplessness as he was surrounded by the cold and dark with no escape. He’d had this dream many times, a dull reminder of the very real occurence of what had happened to him at the lake. But it never dulled the terror of being unable to breath and eventually unable to move, and screaming only made more water fill his lungs.

But there was warmth on his face, warmth that just didn’t belong. Something was different. He thought he heard a voice before his eyes shot open. He gasped for air as he was brought into wakefullness, glad for the rush of air that filled his lungs. His eyes flew around the room, making sure that he was indeed back in his cabin, and not surrounded by the pressing water.

His eyes finally landed on the blonde by his bedside, and it took him a few moments to remember who she was.

"Elsa.." he trailed off as his mind started slowly piecing everything together.

"I don’t think that’ll help, your highness, I’ve had years of practice making people smile. There isn’t a soul alive that can resist my antics" he said giving the girl a wink, clearly not fulled by her false sense of seriousness.

"I’m a little more subtle than throwing things, but I’ll keep it in mind. They wouldn’t know what hit them" he said with a grin.

She rolled her eyes playfully, settling herself against the chair and shaking her head somewhat sleepily. “I’m sure there is someone out there who you can’t make smile, Jack. I’m not that person, clearly, but there has to be someone out there.” 

Chuckling quietly, she nudged his arm in amusement. “Oh, so what would you do instead, if not pepper them with projectiles?”

"Well, then I feel bad for that person. If even I can’t get them to smile, then there’s something terribly wrong going on" he answered.

"That’s my little secret. There are some things I can do that others can’t. And if I ever meet your advisers, I’ll show you sometime" he said with a wide grin. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell her about his powers persay. For the people of Burgess, they were normal,  but for someone who was an outsider, it may bit a bit much to take in.

shardsofelsa whispered -- "Marriage? But certainly not!" Elsa argued as she was handed the slip of paper, signed by her father as a decree of marriage to the young man who stood not two metres away from her. "Surely someone knew this, he has been dead four years and no one thought to mention that I was betrothed!?" The young queen raised her hands to her forehead, taking a deep breath in and struggling to control her power. "Why did no one tell me? No one at all!" 




"Well, it was rumored that the prince had met an untimely end" one of the advisers spoke up. "So we thought not to bring it up. It seems we were mistaken" the finished looking uneasily between the two.

Jack didn’t look amused by the arrangement. He’d been brought to this kingdom without any clue as to why he was going. It was only when they’d landed here that he was informed of their purpose of ‘visiting’ Arendelle. And he’d had a rather vocal argument about it.

He’d hardly even agreed to meet the queen at this point and his tolerance was wearing thin. ‘Sorry to disappoint” Jack spoke up with his arms crossed, not sounding the least bit happy. “I didn’t know about it either” he said looking at her and throwing the others a dirty look.

—Time skip-

It had been some time since the advisors and the two of royalty had met to discuss their arrangements. Even Jack, who’d resigned himself to this whole ordeal was getting impatient with how it seemed nothing was settled.

They’d figured that they’d still go through with the marriage, and that the two would have some time to get to know eachother before they tied the knot. But what was left was when the two would wed, and where they would stay. Elsa had her country to take care of, and Jack would eventually have his to take care of.

"I think…that it would be best if Jackson" the advisor ignored the pointed glare he received from Jack at the use of his full name- " would reside here. At least until the time he comes of age and can rule. I think it is fair, and he can learn from your highness" he said doing his best to remain respectful with the queen.

While the advisers from Burgess thought Elsa would be a pushover and bend to their suggestions, they were surprised to find a confident queen that they’d have to take  their time and discuss things with.

"I’m sure your proposal is one we can work with," Elsa agreed politely, her hand to her heart and a nod from her direction to that of the men who had overseen a large number of their interactions. The young queen had not allowed any decisions to be made without her own input - and she’d run any stipulations past the younger man as best she could offer. 

Though she was only a few years his senior, she felt slightly embarrassed by the prospect of marrying him. She knew to him the choice wasn’t ideal, but she had made a decision and would keep by it. 

"I’m certain Jack will learn all required here at Arendelle. We can further discuss living arrangements when he comes of age, as you’ve said.  Now for the matter of the wedding. Perhaps two months? Since your ruler is yet to be of age, we have no hurry in when to say the vows. We are already betrothed, after all." 

The men didn’t look completely satisfied at the answer, but nodded all the same. “If that is what you wish. As long as the plans are set. There is much to be planned for the wedding after alll”

Jack himself looked a bit relieved at that. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Elsa, but everything already seemed as if it were rushed. At least the 2 months would give him time to get comfortable in the area.